counting the dots

Ladybug 2016 - low-1

Year 2016 collection. If a ladybug lands on you, be careful not to brush it off. Stay very still and count the spots. The number of spots will reveal the number of months you will enjoy good luck. The stronger the color red is on the ladybug, the better your luck will be – Common folk

I am enjoying a pre-retirement a company offered me with one condition; I can work for other companies anywhere in the world if I wish so but not for a competitor or else they stop paying me, which they are doing until I am 65. I am not looking for any job though I would not disdain to do some consultancy work here and there, now and then…

Yesterday I was on the beach taking some sunbath and was reading a novel Asia History-based. Sometime after some 5 pages done, a ladybug landed on the page I was reading, page 62, my age. When I tried to cautiously remove her, she flew away and I continuous to read.

Some minutes later another ladybug landed in my neck. As there were some bees buzzing around I though it was a bee and tap on it with my fingers of my right hand, just to realize it was a ladybug. As I was trying to grab her in order not to damage her fragility, it flew away.

Because the bees were flying in packs in that area I moved myself away from that place and after laying down and prepared to start to read again another ladybug landed in my towel, just in front of my eyes, some 2 centimetres in front of the book. I left it wandering but it did not took long to fly away.

Nowadays I don’t take long sunbaths, two hours in the morning are in general enough to get some vitamin D and get some tan for the winter. I looked my watch and it was time for me to go home. While walking home another ladybug landed in my arm, the arm that was holding my backpack, but it did not stay long, just landed and was airborne again in a matter of a second or two. Then I started to think about the common folks I remember to hear when I was kid about ladybugs and wonder if this was just a coincidence or there was a real meaning on it. The day before I bought a national lottery ticket and I thought if maybe this was… so in the evening I went to check my lottery ticket and no, I did not won anything. Finally, I thought, that was just a coincidence.

Later in the evening I went for my 6km walk as part of my daily routine after dinner. More often I don’t take the telephone with me when going for a walk. I want peace and want make sure I am not going to be a slave of these technologies, I like to have the feeling of saying; I don’t need this or that and actually put it in practice. When I arrived home I had an indication of a missed call on the screen of my telephone. I did not recognised the caller number and as it was from abroad I did not want return the call because costs but also, whoever was, if it was urgent, they would call in again. And it did happened some 30 minutes later.

It was a former colleague, now working as MD of a Graphic Business multinational company, Asia operations. After some checks of what and how are you doing for both sides, he shoot me a question; I need a man like you, with your skills and your experience to work with me for some consultancy job here and there, now and then, mostly in Asia. Are you interested to embarque on it?…

I remember I did not count the dots of the young ladybugs, in none of them could I have time to count, they just flew away before I could. But one common thing the four ladybugs had was that they were very young. My former colleague and friend said; I give you 2  to 3 months to consider but firstly I will come back to you with an offer in 2 to 3 weeks…

What had happened yesterday morning was that a coincidence, or?…

Note: if you are a superstitious person don’t rush to hunt ladybugs because that is not the way the common folks believe. They will come to you. It’s a karma.

Good luck.