resilient silence

Gotemba 2005 - low-1

Year 2005 collection. “Peace is always beautiful” Walt Whitman

While working during a few years (in-and-out) in Gotemba, near Fuji Mountain in Japan, I always made sure to pay a visit to this Buddhist shrine located on the slopes of a hill, and one common and constant feeling I invariable felt on my arrival there was; peace. This is the only worship place I ever consistently felt that. Sometimes I did it in the morning before working, sometimes I did it in the evening after work and many times during the weekends. This is the single place I most visited and photographed in my life! During my visits on the weekends I stayed there during two to three hours and breath the fresh air breezing down from the pin tree forest located just behind. While there I discharged the stress from the projects I was involved and it made me feel lighter and greater when walking back to the hotel some three km away. I dearly miss it.