västra hamnen, urban sustainability

Malmö 2016-1-2

Year 2016 collection. “How do we slow down what matters the most and speed up what benefits change and progress? We don’t want to impede progress, but we are seeking reconnection to ourselves, to each other, and with the world.” John Maeda

Vastra Hamnen, in Malmö, Sweden, has been a case study about urban sustainability. Many cities would gain to scrap big areas of their urban misery and ugly mess and rebuilt it according to XXI century available sustainability of ideas, concepts, materials and technologies. Not only it would make a better living place but would also help local economies for a very long period. Vastra Hamnen urban project is ongoing for 15 years by now. Not only it looks beautifully organised but most importantly it is environmentally and urban sustainable, and it has played a huge contribution to the local economy.