“Krungthep mahanakhon amon rattanakosin mahintara ayuthaya mahadilok popnopparat ratchathani burirom udomratchaniwet mahasathan amonpiman avatansathit sakkathattiya visnukamprasit”

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Year 2016 collection.“Just because you didn’t put a name to something did not mean it wasn’t there.”  Jodi Picot

That is the real full name of Bangkok City. Unpronounceable? Perhaps for the daily use and impossible for foreigners but Thais even have anthems and songs. And it sounds sweet.

Photography taken from the rooftop of Montien Riverside Hotel and was possible thanks to Khun Prayuth Thamdhum, General Manager of the Hotel, who kindly gave me permission to access the helicopter platform of the building with my photograph gear.