shame and embarrassment

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Year 2015. “Defeating terrorism should not mean slamming the door in the faces of those fleeing the terrorists, We might as well take down the Statue of Liberty”. Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat from New York.”

Call them O’Connor, Aaron, Hatch, Bush, Callaghan, Shelby, Sessions, Murkowski, Abandonado, Sullivan, Agnello, McCain,Flake, Boozman, Cotton, O’Hara, Bloomberg, Gardner, Angelini, Tony, O’Keef, Campbell, Macauley  McCarthy, Murphy, Carper, Amari, Coons, Fillipa, Disney, Bianco, Nilsson, Bonnie, Schatz, Altieri, Sachs, Hirono, Carlo, Rush, Carola, Burk, Kirk, Coats, Caruso, D’Aquila, Barry, DeFillippo, Aromen, Fitzgerald, Daly, Bergman, Garbor, Dietrich, Donelli, Fiskman  Bohm, De Castro, Blumberg, Avellino, Ernst, Ferreira, MacAteer, Levy, Katz, Reagan, Heinz, Kats, Roberts, Firestone, Allen, Pontes, Cherney, Moran, McConnell, Cohen, Butler, Paul, John, Correia, Vitter, MacAuliffe, Fickman  Dreyfus, Abramov, Cassidy, Einstein, Goldman, Mikulski, Backman, Black, Cardin, MacDowell, Harper, Cochran, Wicker, Blunt, Daines, Cruz, DePalma, Fisher, Sasse, Flanagan, Heller, Amato, Ayotte, Caan, Burr, Duffy, Flintstone, Anastasio, Tillis, Hoeven, Botiello, Capo, Capone, DiGiorgio, Napoli, Abrams, Donato, Francine, Francine  McLain, McArthur, Fanning, Fitzpatrick, Mercurio, Angelo, Zappola Vollero, O’Brien, etc, etc, etc,

They are all typical american names and surnames. Names and surnames from past or recent generations that have arrived in the New World as simple economic emigrant but also and mostly fleeing war zones, conflicts, natural disasters, threats, disease, robbery, famine, starvation, mafia extortion and simply moving away or running away as bandits. These are now the many names who are refusing shelter to the ones that are running away from modern conflicts and war zones. Shame and embarrassment on you. If you don’t feel guilty just remember your forefathers and what would have been of you, your comfort and your wealthy if a solidarity gesture and humane kindness wouldn’t have reached to them…

I am very much in favour of ID controls to prevent safety, this is an unquestionable right, but to refuse entrance to specific countries is a form of racism and ultimately cleansing. It is not right from a country made, built and based in migrante history.