mystic twilight over the ale’s stones

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Year 2015 collection.  “If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row, would you be proud of them or not? Or don’t you really know? But here’s another question which requires a different view. If you could meet your ancestors, would they be proud of you?” Nellie Winslow Simmons Randall

Between the photographer and the first stone on his right you can see a slight blurred spot. On the evening of the full blood moon on 27 of September of this year, the last to complete the much talked Lunar Tetrad, a lady dressed and masked with ritual viking customs arrived at the Ale’s Stones site located in Kåseberga just at the moment the sun was completely set and when the twilight was at its most beautiful glooming. She started to circle and throw grains around every single of the 59 large boulders existing on this site while muttering some unrecognizable sounds. At the same time she was circling the stones and throwing the grains grabbed from a leather bag she held in her belly, she also moved up and down, with her left hand, a small pipe filled with either gains or sand making a soft maraca musical sound, only her words and that musical sound could be heard in the whole otherwise silent plateau. The evening was mystic as was she. When her ritual finished the glowing of the sunset was gone but the full moon was showing up in the opposite side and slowly the dusk effect of the twilight was transformed in a bright atmosphere revealing an elder lady when she pulled off her ritual mask after leaving the stone’s precinct. I hesitated for fear of her reaction but this time the curiosity did not killed the cat. What have you done on this day, if I my ask? It is the harvest moon and I was talking with my ancestors….