imperial haze

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Year 2004. “The only side God chooses is one of common sense. If it doesn’t make sense; it is not God.” Shannon L. Alder

– Look Liu, am I seeing it correctly? I see a reddish misty growing over the horizon and seems feeling more and more the air over the Summer Palace. It seems rather smog than fog. I said

No, that’s normal. Maybe because the sun… He mentioned.

Are you serious? I asked.

What is serious in my country? We have grown up by making an excuse for everything… and is no use of trying to see things the way they are because either you will be treated as insane, because you are seeing “unreal things”, or you will be treated as a dissident. Either ways you end up making your time life a burning hell. What to choose then? The evil side because God is to busy to help everybody. So if they say is green, you should say is righteous green. That’s how my parents taught me to live and survive without troubles. If you are telling me that you see pollution, fine. I see an effect of the sunlight through the haze….

I got it Liu. Be my guest, let’s drink a tea