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Year 2015 collection. “There was a wish to get something exceptional. I also wanted to deliver something technically unique.” Architect Santiago Calatrava

The day I was taking this picture from one of the existing piers across Malmo Ribersborg beach someone approached and asked if I was a professional photographer to which I obviously said no, just love doing photo.

Can I see the result?

Yes you do but need to wait a few seconds because it is a long exposure. 

I like the skyline from this viewpoint. He mentioned.

Yes, it is pretty elegant. I replied.

Huuumm. But that building… seems not fitting. He said.

I think the opposite. I think it is elegant and give to this flat city an almost uniqueness. Sometimes the decision makers need to be bold, that is what makes architecture history, isn’t it? 

Hi, my name is (….). I am one of the city’s architecture responsible. I love to hear visitors’ opinion and I love your statement! He mentioned.

After seeing some of my shots of that day he said; Beautiful photos! May I have a copy of some of your pictures? This is my email address and you can also visit me at City Hall

Maybe, I do. Thank you for your appreciation though.