legends… and reality

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Year 2015. “Every legend, moreover, contains its residuum of truth, and the root function of language is to control the universe by describing it.”  James A. Baldwin

Cape Espichel, Sesimbra, Portugal stands out on even the Costa Azul for the beauty of its natural surroundings. Legend says Our Lady appeared mounted on a small donkey, climbed up the cliff, where the animal “left prints of its hands and feet”. That was back in 1410, in the middle age darkness, and a religious legend was born giving rise to a monastery and subsequently to thousand and thousand of pilgrimages that left more damage behind than good, as usual. Massive pilgrimages are hordes that can leave behind a footprint of enormous destruction throughout the years.

Cape Espichel stands on the tip of a cliff, where the European continent westwards ends, and it is today’s known to the world more for the quantity of dinosaurs fossils and footprints rather than for its religious past. Those “religious prints” are today well inside the dinosaurs fossil trail from the Jurassic Strata and the discoveries of such animals have not finished yet to amaze the scientists. Some tourists have challenged the gravity of its windy cliffs and have perished. Don’t do that. Just admire and respect its natural beauty and be amazed with the earth’s evolution.