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Year 2015 collection. “All those hours exploring the great outdoors made me more resilient and confident.” David Suzuki

So do I when I explore the fields, forests and new urban projects in Sweden. If one country can reverse the depletion of its natural resources, all should be able to do the same. The difference resides in whether people are elected to serve the nation or are elected to serve themselves.  Unfortunately the second seems to be the tendency in many countries around the world where “democracy” has been itself depleted, violated, raped and banalised. The popular vote should not, by itself alone, define democracy. Good governance should be the reference, the main reference, probably he only reference…

I live in a new urban project, the project that transformed Malmö shipyard, Västra Hamnen,  in a new urban area internationally praised and studied as an exemple of sustainable urban development. The giant turbines of aeolic energy here depicted in this photo are manufactured just 200 metres away from the building where I live. Between them and me there is a garden and see no negative effect of having such a heavy metallurgic company besides my room. This is because the regulations for air and noise pollution are extremely clear and effective. I trust the system in which my taxes are wisely and respectful used for the well being of the community. I feel proud to walk in Sweden fields and see these towers standing firmly creating alternative energies, and being perfectly aware that just a few months before they were laying down in my backyard, a backyard than won a few international prizes of urban sustainability….

This is good governance. This is a good definition of democracy.