the great wall guardian

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Year 2007. “If you haven’t been to the Great Wall, you aren’t a real man,” Mao Zedong

Well that is pretty much a machista quote but, contraire to many believers whom worship Mao without contest, we can expect anything from Mao and not only revolutionary phrases and wording. Like most of humans he has said and believed in many stupid and outdated things because politeness and rudeness, it seems, was something that got along throughout his life.

That said, during a professional assignment in Beijing in 2007 my daughter paid me a visit and I took her to the Mutianyu Great Wall some 100 km away northeast side of Beijing. It was early September, very hot, humid and my daughter still didn’t recovered from our visit to Tibet. This part of the wall is very rough to climb because many very steep stairs on the right side after the main entrance of the walls precincts. We arrived very early in the morning (before the crowd!) and this insect was everywhere over the tip of the walls. It did not move, only the eyeballs kept moving left and right, stayed still and look very, very defiant! Because its strange behaviour we  called it the Great Wall Guardians. A very strange insect, indeed…