snowdrops fairy tale

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Year 2015 collection. “A scientist in his laboratory is not a mere technician: he is also a child confronting natural phenomena that impress him as though they were fairy tales.” Marie Curie

Snowdrop is the first flower of the long winter to bloom even before the spring, in general middle February. And even if there is some snow left on the meadows and parks, the snowdrop little and fragile flower springs through the snow without fear. Here is the fairy tale explanation of why it blooms so gentle and elegantly unstained.

“”How the snow got their color;

When God created the world and distributed all the colors it was summer and no one thought of snow but the angels helped God’s work. The grass was green, roses red and the sky turned blue. Buttercups flowers were yellow, rocks were grey and tree trunks became brown. Everyone was happy. But when winter came and the snow fell, it was colorless and invisible. It was just freeze and cold. Then came the snow to God and asked if it was intended that the snow would always be invisible. No, God had simply not thought about. He had forgotten the snow and now all the colors were given away. So the snow must go out into the world and ask if someone was kind-hearted enough to share their color.

The snow wandered off and the wind helped her. First the snow went to the red rose because she thought the red was the most beautiful color. Red Rose “Do you want to share your color with me? I have no color and no one can see me”, said the snow. “Cold snow, do not come near me!”, said the rose and stuck out the thorns. “You will never get color out of me because you keep bitting me with your cold mouth!” The snow got going again just as poor as she had come. But then she saw some yellow buttercups growing in a meadow. “Do you mind to share some color of you with me? I have no color and I no longer want to be invisible”, said the snow. “We want to be just as yellow as we are”, replied the buttercups. “You who are so cold chlorine should be glad that no one can see you!”.

So the snow must walk on through the world. She went from flower to flower. Everywhere she got the same answer. All said that she was so frosty and cold that all just wanted her to go away from there. Snow asked rocks and grass, trees and sky, humans and animals. But no one wanted to share color with her. Finally, after she asked everyone and everything in the world just one little flower remained. “You’re the last one I can ask something”, said the snow, “but I guess you do not want to also share color with someone who is as cold as I am?” But the little white flower did not answer as everyone else. “If you’re happy with being white, then you should get some color of me”, said the flower. “It would be horrible if none of God’s creatures wanted to share their color”

The little flower took a little white of her and gave to the snow. The snow then said to flower: “thank you so much for what you have done, you should get growing right through me, I promise I will never hurt you!”. And so it happened when the snow got the cleanest and brightest color in all of nature.”” (Free translation from a Swedish text)

Who ever wrote this fairy tale, being told to generations of kids in Sweden, had an excellent imagination and a high degree of sensitiveness. It is indeed very beautiful and so related to the reality of the nature as observe it.