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Year 2014. “If you can look, see. If you can see…” Jose Saramago

Piodão is considered one of the most atypical villages in Portugal. Located in Coimbra County the village is nested in one of the many  hill slops forming Arganil region. It is considered Country’s Patrimony because most of houses are built with shale stone, the geologic typical formation of the surrounding mountains. There are other villages having houses built with shale stone but Piodão is effectively unique in its style, perhaps because the very outstanding looking when seeing it from the opposite hill slop.

Some years ago we could call this village very unique but mismanagement and massive tourism since it was “discovered” in Jose Saramago’s travel book is loosing, to my eyes, its uniqueness as I saw it some 40 years ago. As usual, massive tourism, brings money and perhaps prosperity for some but above all it brings troubles, greediness and rushy development many times synonym of  destruction of its originality.

Since I remember to be myself I always had difficulty to accept hordes of people walking in fragile areas, but tourisme de masse is far above my acceptance, and will always be.