unknown seas

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Year 2009. “Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” Louis D. Brandeis

Lisbon, detail of the Monument dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries throughout the XV century and beyond. When big part of the world still believe the planet was not a sphere due to religious rigid precepts these brave men venture to the cliff of the massive and immense unpredictable water tank ahead, so much dreamed by many in the river banks of the majestic Tagus.

“Would any sovereign with sense endured,
Hither send Missions, and confide his fleets
To seas unknown, remote and unexplor’d?

Luis Vaz de Camões in “The Lusiadas” first published in 1572, the most epic book ever written about the Portuguese visionaries and its historic bravery.

As the Scotsman History writer Ronald Watkins put it in his book Unknown Seas; “The story of the Portuguese explorations is not one of quaint men picturesque wooden ships. It is a tale of passion, of blood and trickery, of incomparable bravery, of majestic sweeps of vision, of nation – and empire – building. it is a drama played across a world stage, in a time that will never be repeated, for it was the last era when the physical world and its peoples were largely unknown, when each ship returned with new knowledge, when myth was finally separated from reality.  It is no wonder “The Discoveries”, as the Portuguese came to call them, filled so many with such hunger and compelled so much sacrifice.” in Introduction, p11