life fragility

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Year 2015 collection. “The older you get, the more fragile you understand life to be. I think that’s good motivation for getting out of bed joyfully each day.”  Julia Roberts

Today when I came from my daily jogging I met my next door neighbour on the lobby of our building nearby our individual postbox. He had a hip surgery last October and now I saw him walking as nothing had happen.

– How do you feel Tommy (name  is invented)? I asked.

– Oh, I feel like a young boy. I feel but I know I am not. He said with a contagious genuine happy smile.

– Where are you heading without your support? I asked

– Well, Im going to exercise a bit.

– Do you have an exercise routine to recover from the surgery? I questioned

– I had…

– ??? – suddenly he reads my body language

– You see, I went to visit my doctor last week and he found out I neglected my left hip and consequently my muscles of the left leg. So my left leg muscles are now smaller than the right leg muscles which is the side I operated and I exercised since then. My friend, he proceeded, we all know life is fragile and we keep saying it all the way in our life. I am 81 years old and this simple thing the doctor found out, actually nothing serious, show us how fragile life can be even further if we neglect to give the right inputs to our brain. Smart this grey mass we have up here (he pointed to his head), right? After the surgery I have been exercising my right hip and consequently the muscles of the right leg but forgot I had one left hip and left leg with muscles too, so they slight shrank because the input I was giving to my brain was wrong, I was messaging to it that I only have and need my right leg and it started to switched off the other one. Now imagine what happen to people that think they are old and start to give up so early because they think they are old anyway….

– Now I have to go to my routine (laugh) but I will change side for sure, or alternate, I would say. Good you run because that exercise move everything at the same time, same as swimming. Never let it go my friend. Don’t think about your age, think about life. Have a nice day.

– Thank you Tommy. You too.