our blueprint

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Year 2015. “One of the reasons why fundamentalists are so aggressive in trying to promote fundamentalism is because deep down they know it’s arbitrary. If you’re comfortable with your belief you don’t need to convince other people to agree with you.” Moby

Ignorance, intolerance, radicalism and fundamentalism are tones of the same pattern. Human kind probably born with this blueprint because it has always existed, it seems. If we read about evolutionary history no matter if it is about territory, migratory, linguistically, religiously, culturally, ethnically, gender, industrial development, sportively or even artistically, there has probably never been a durable peaceful moment, the planet has probably, at any point, been in peace, call it local, regional or international.

The stigma of those four key tones is dragging human kind to constant arguing, suffering and killing. This stigma has created fields with barbed wire we are not capable to destroy. The perspectives in which side someone is placed changes the arguments and freedom of thought depend very much on the society in which one’s grown-up and was/is educated. There are no standards and it is on this specific level we cannot make our mind for respect and in the name of greedy souls human kind has constantly been killing to an account of billions of others of the same species. And that anywhere, anytime, by anyone in the name of something we believe is the rightest. We permanently enslave ourselves.

Has someone above all fabricated this to test intelligence in our species before recreating a new one elsewhere. Or is intelligence finally something we haven’t captured to achieve the comfort in our believes without the need to feel threatened or be hostil?