ribersborgs kallbadhus

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Year 2014 collection. “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.” Thomas Aquinas

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus is a cold-bath facility existing for more than 125 years and located at Ribersborgs area of Malmö, a middle classe neighbouring in the southwest side of the city. Originally it was a cold-bath facility located in the shipyard area of Malmö but as the port was expanding and the cold-bath destiny was uncertain a can company bought it and moved the barracks to the place were it is today’s located to explore it because cold-bath has always been popular among Swedes. The size of the barracks was obviously not so big as the only purpose was cold-bathing.

In 1914 Malmö was responsible for organising the Aquatic Activities within the Baltic Games held in Sweden and the cold-bath house was renovated, refurbished and named Ribersborg Kallbadhus to accommodate the Swimming and Water Polo calendar activities.

In 1962 the Ribersborg Kallbadhus built its first burning sauna and in 1966 the City Hall took over the ownership and management of this place to make it public and more usable in a broad sense. The facilities were then retrofitted with modern comfort such running water, flushing toilets, public baths, restaurants, etc.

In 1988 the City Hall planed to move the baths closer to the center which trigger a public debate that made the City Hall regretted to even think about it. After 100 years this was already a city’s icon landmark people didn’t imagine elsewhere in the city. It perfectly fitted where the water exists, not the other way around! People were saying

In 1993 the then gender mixed sauna was separated and today the whole facility is gender separated since the main entrance after crossing the restaurant.

The Ribersborg Kallbadhus is today a modern facility with open sea water swimming pools, saunas, sundecks and wellbeing facilities such as massage and spa. The sundecks are clustered and privacy is not a problem because the swimming pools are protected by a wall of rocks which also serves as a dam to keep the water level uniform and calm. In the winter time is very popular to go for a sauna and then plunge in the öresund sea cold waters and back again to the sauna. I personally did this experiment in Japan and planning to do this at Ribersborg Kallbadhus this winter which is just steps away from my door.