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Year 2012 collection. Naklua in Thai means salt or salty related to sea water. It is difficult to trace back the origins of why that name was given to this area but at least in a long gone past time this area seems to have been an important source of salt farming.  Then it transformed itself in an important shipyard for small and medium fishing boats which was a working and a revenue source for most of the living souls in and around. Naklua still holds an important fishing pier because fishing is still an important activity for as long the boats can last because as resorts and apartments are being built in the surrounding vicinity beaches in the past 25 years, the shipyard industry has slowly being decayed and giving away to humanity so called “progress”…

Amazing is that when the nature warns and gives signs of wrong mishandling of our lovely planet through land slides, cyclones, water floods and so, we call it disaster . But when destroy the environment with massive constructions, massive farming and massive deforestation we call it progress