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Year 2013. Together with my wife we made a trip last year to Rigi Mountain, the Queen of the Mountains as Swiss people identify this beautiful mountain. We took the train up to the summit but we did hiking on the way down by using the many beautiful trails the mountain offers. It was a glamorous day and the sun was at the rendezvous all day long, a dream weather for a country lacking sunny days. It seems god did not put all the eggs in the same basket, Switzerland has a very beautiful natural landscape, god said, but the beautiful weather has to go somewhere else to be fair and share my creation with everybody….

When we got close to Vitznau, the waterfront city where we would get onboard of the boat back to Lucern City, the sun was already setting. The hazy horizon was beautifully getting mixed with a chilly colour the night would bring though it was summer. I took this picture in one of the many bush clearances from where we could see the Bürgenbergwald, a protected forest area beautifully preserved with its rounded shores softly merging in the calm waters of Lucern Lake.