morning call

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Year 2013. This was the last photo of my last project and consequently my last business trip of my professional career!

I already mentioned in “Resisting destiny” post that Hohhot is a very boring place even to take photos. Hohhot is located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China which was established in 1947.

According to recent surveys the five officially recognised religions of the state; Buddhism, Taoism, Protestantism, Catholicism and Islamism constitute only 3.7% of the population of Inner Mongolia. Some 80% of the inhabitants of the region declare they worship aobao which are very simple stone mounds that serve as altars of sacrifice. However Hohhot itself holds the biggest concentration of the muslim population.

Inner Mongolia has a vast desert where China has its Airspace Program and the bases from where they launch its space rockets. The rather proximity of the deserts with the cities like Hohhot brings in constant sandy powder that fills almost permanently the air and make it very uncomfortable to breath. Hohhot is covered with a yellowish color due to this sandy attack but also because the now and then sand storms that covers the city for a few hours and turn it into a real mess. Beijing being 650km down pays also the same price for the sand storms which I also witnessed. Whatever we touch we can always feel sandy. For a short stayer in Hohhot it won’t probably be noticeable but for a long stayer I can assure you that a white cloth washed a few times in Hohhot will turn yellowish the day we pack things back.

The window of my hotel room faced this mosque and the sunrise was my wake-up call.