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Year 2007. Relics of Lord Buddha are enshrined here according to Japanese believers. The Peace Park is situated in Gotemba which is a town located on the east side of Fuji Mountain.  The shrine fully faces Fuji San and its silent surroundings makes this precinct a mystic, holistic and very charming place. We can hear our breath and listen the silent of the surrounding mountains in which I jogged every second day in a fifteen percent gradient road. And this park was my refuge. During very difficult moments of the project in 2005 I came here to light-up an incense stick, find solace and think about solutions for the problems we faced. Obviously I am not an atheist but neither a theist. I have my spirituality and use it whenever I feel for, wherever I feel I should feel for without interferences of living souls. And it works for me.

As the company I worked for is located in this town I have plenty of photos from every angle and season of this place. In my About I have mentioned that I had different degrees of happiness in the places and countries where I have been carrying professional duties. This country and this place was one of my preferred. I always felt at home, I always felt good, I always felt correctly treated by my Japanese colleagues and any Japanese I dealt for any kind of reason. I definitely will miss this country, its services, standards and competences, I will miss these people, their manners, respectfulness and engagement to go one extra mile to help you, personally and at work.  And particularly I will miss this place; the Peace Park, a place I knew every single corner more than, I believe, any Japanese colleague.