pumpkin friendship

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Year 2007. During a professional assignment in Beijing my daughter paid me a visit and we made a trip to the Great Wall. On the way back from climbing the Mutianyu section we asked the driver appointed by the company to make a stop to see a temple located on the top of a rocky hill. My daughter, then 23, could not go any further as her legs were aching, but as a jogger I still had some energy left and was curious to see the temple. The way up was made through a steep trail within farming corn fields where only small tractors and carts would pass and I got distracted with the many pumpkin plants lining up on the side trail and in full blooming. I always loved pumpkin flowers since my childhood and could not resist and went on slowly taking macro pictures. This photo is not a made up. In one of the pumpkin flowers I found this thread, eventually from a farm worker cloth, in a very curious path, it look like the pumpkin flower wants to embrace and pull along the thread in a friendship and lovely manner.

The bottom line is that I got so distracted that time has passed and with a still long way to go I decided to walk back without reaching my primary objective.