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Year 2014 collection. “There are no facts, only interpretations.” Friedrich Nietzsche

This male swan was the father of 9 fertilisations! But 2 eggs have never made it. One fall out from the nest and the other was rejected by mommy. Among the 7 new born (April) one was completely white from the beginning which is a rare case. Normally they born grey and change its feather gradually in their first year. The phenomenon can be compared to humans having twins, it is hereditary but does not mean everyone in the family will have twins but somewhere along the line, one day, yes. The white-born swan is the same, either father or mother are from a family that have had white-born babies.
Meanwhile all grown-up and already flew away which is what parents want to be able to prepare themselves for matting during the winter and restart all over again. But before they became independent one died while learning how to fly by hitting an electrical wire.