cherry on ice

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Year 2005. The facilities of the Swedish company I was working for were built in Gotemba City which is located on the bottom of the Fuji Mountain or, as the Japanese say, Fuji San to be more polite and respectful to nature.
The Fuji San, as most of high mountains, are nearly every day covered by mist, fog or clouds depending which season of the year we are. That means to take pictures at some important moments is always a divinal luckiness. The cherry blossom is a very attractive period for photographers – and god knows how much the Japanese love photo! – but it is not a guaranty that on the best moment, which is more or less middle of April, the Fuji San will show up in its expended beauty.

That Friday, 23d April, did not provide much clues about the weather for the weekend but is actually useless to look at the weather forecast since the surroundings constantly change. I prepared my gear nevertheless. I woke-up that Saturday hoping for the best and after my breakfast I looked outside the window and it was not promising but at least the fog and thin cotton clouds were very transparent which gave some positive and happy signals to the brain . I decided to walk to the spot I had planned anyway. It took me almost 1 hour to arrive there by foot.

As I approached the spot, in the Peace Park, the fog and unstained clouds started to give way to a blue sky. When I get there I was taken aback by the quantity of photographers, mostly from Tokyo, that came to the same spot, and some even have camped there! Everyone was trying to grab the best angle and almost elbowing each other. As a regular weekend visitor of this huge park in the middle of a oriental pine tree forest I knew most of the good spots to photograph Fuji San. This one, on my viewfinder, was actually empty and I was delighted to choose the best cherry branches with a now full blue sky, a rare thing to see above Fuji San. After I took my photos I went down the slop to see some photographers from Tokyo and told them I knew a place where we didn’t have to elbowing…. they acknowledged, followed me and upon arriving there started bowing to thank me deeply from their hearth because the chance of that day was now guaranteed to bring something good back home, maybe even for publishing, who knows.
This photo is not a national geographic work but I really love it because the nature’s blessing of that day. Sunday was a disgraced day with raining most of the day. I returned to Gotemba twice in the same period the next two years and could never retake these kind of photo…