the egg beijing

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Year 2011. The National Centre of Performing Arts shortly know by the Egg of Beijing is an essential building for Opera, Concert and Theatre performances. The three distinct areas are separated but connected by corridors. Located west side of the infamous Tiananmen Square and just behind the Great Hall of the People it was built within the 2008 Olympics buildings collection budget and designed by the french architect Paul Andrew.
The exterior, like a steel-structured oval shell, is a material integration of over 18,000 titanium plates and over 1,000 sheets of ultra-white glass, which creates a visual effect as if the curtain is drawn apart slowly before your eyes.
The water basin surrounding the building make it a place where we can take hundreds of photos from every angle and have them all different. During Fall and Winter, in foggy days known in Beijing, the photos can get a magic look.
The Egg is to these days (2014) still the biggest dome in the world.