the beaches

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Year 2005. This is The Beaches in Toronto. A beautiful neighbourhood to stroll, jog, picnic, play, enjoy ice cream, eat a hamburger, walk the dog, take sunbathe or even taking a nap. This neighbourhood is located in Toronto East side and is a awesome place either in the summer or during the winter. Though The Beaches area have constantly been redecorated and rearranged the City Hall always had the wise concern to keep in place some original memorabilia from the times when going to the beach started to be popular and recommended for health reasons. After the WWII an increase in popularity made it a family trendy going “to picnic on the beach”.
I’ve visited this place a few times and each time I see this spot it reminds me the Rock’n Roll music. Don’t ask me why, it is the way I feel it and want to share with you.