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Year 2005. Gruyere is the famous Swiss town that gave birth to the well known cheese, so much appreciated by lovers of fondue, since gruyere cheese, due its melting characteristics, is the most used for fondue. In France the Gruyere-style is very much used in the French Onion soup as well in the Croque Monsieur a known ham and cheese toasted sandwich. But there is one substantial difference between the Swiss Gruyere and the French Gruyere-style; while the Swiss Gruyere is a plain cheese the French Gruyere-style must have holes! That is mandatory by the French Agricultural law since an old controversy of whether it can be labeled Gruyere or not is still on the table…
…meanwhile this calm lake with a green opal color located nearby Gruyere town is a call for a relaxed picnic tasting a Gruyere cheese along with home-made marmalade (hélas, from quince fruit!) and a dry Port wine in hands. Dare to try the recipe and you will surely love the match!