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Year 2104 collection. This is not a set-up. The place is naturally beautiful specially in calm days with no wind. From the pier we can observe a swan sanctuary and the Öresund bridge crossing from Malmo city to Copenhagen city passing Kastrup airport or better known by Copenhagen airport. Fishing or recreation boats can park in front of the pier but not anchored to it, all are located at around 50 to 100 metres distant from the pier. As they have no alignment they are dispersed in different directions and seem floating without ownership. The day was slight foggy but clear though, with a nice light to photograph as it creates good contrasts depending on the surrounding subjects and objects. I was there to photograph spider nets enhanced by the water droplets generated by dew. At some point I saw a couple approaching the pier entrance with a trailer where there is a cement slab I didn’t got clear of its purpose until this moment. They reversed the car and the trailer entered that cement path and then I saw this lady walking slowly into the water in a such a way that she seems to care and not disturb the silent of the place and the calm of the waters. We can see that her steps did not create waves and all look an imaginable scene from haven. Dressed in her matinal bathrobe and walking with such a concentrated direction gave me the impression she was unreal. Very poetic, the least.

Eventually, at more than 150 metres from the pier she picked-up a recreation boat and pulled it slowly, in the same way, the same manner.

I understood later that October is the month the small recreation and fishing boats have to be taken ashore. The winter can be anything from mild to very rough and destructive. If nothing else the frozen waters starting end of December will leave its blueprint damages and anyone taking risks by leaving the boat on these waters will eventually regret.