lemon tree temple

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Year 2009 collection. Thai Temples are beautifully designed since centuries to match the spiritual feeling their culture bears. And they are peaceful worship places. At first to a new onlooker they may seem all the same or as we say once we have seen one we have seen them all. That is only valid for distracted visitors and for visitors that only see the style. For visitors interested to have a closer look and have eyes for details there are no two temples the same, the details are part of a master-craft signature, they don’t follow a blueprint but the feelings and imagination, the most a rough sketch. Like the masons, notoriously during the gothic period, the master-crafts of Thai temples leave their signatures in the details crafted by bare hands. For centuries they have done it in the same way and has not changed to these days.

This temple is named Lemon Tree Temple and when looking from far during the raining season when the rice crops are at their best green the picture in its ensamble actually match the name.