douro valley

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Year 2009. Pinhão town is located on the riverbank of Douro Valley. In 2001 the Douro Region received the World Heritage seal from the Unesco organisation and one will understand why upon arrival, its rural landscapes are a must to see for anyone visiting the north of Portugal. This region is the cradle of the Port Wine and if I would have a recommendation to give would be to stay there from middle to end of September and stay in aristocratic houses transformed into Rural Tourism places. It’s worth it! You will most likely participate in wine grape reaping and will enjoy the beautiful colours the autumn season displays. You will breath until your lungs hurt…
As a curiosity the Douro valley was defined and established as a protected region, or appellation in 1756 — making it the third oldest defined and protected wine region in the world after Chianti (1716) and Tokaj (1730).