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Year 2001. I stayed 2 years in Sydney, Australia, on a professional assignment. It was the most easy project I ever done and the best place to be in such circumstances! The Australian no worries mate way is unique and impossible not to get addicted to it. Upon my arrival I was worried with this approach because, in general, that would mean little  happen while the calendar was in conflict with the schedule, they were running in different directions! My worries have reached the top management and one day the MD of the company called me to his office and said; “Listen Joaquim, when the people here says no worries mate it really means no worries by all means. In these circumstances you should not push forward, at the end of the day it will not be your fault if things are not done, and we know it”.

That couldn’t be better said. My stay was since then like a long very relaxing vacation period at Woolloomooloo Bay Finger Wharf Pier where I had my beautiful rented apartment, the nicest I ever had in all professional assignments.

During that period I was in a Black & White mood (for photography only!). Digital cameras were yet very expensive so I used film like most of the people. This photo was converted from analogue film to digital image and reflects the no worries mate way .  Take it easy and softly, let the wind blow the feather. And Joaquim did just that way…